Hi guys! It’s good to be back writing over here. This post is about tanning with St. Moriz. A great solution for not burning yourself in the solarium.

Few days back I was really pale. Like I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror anymore. All the summer tan was gone and I can’t remember, when was the last time I used solarium. I have been wanting to try self tanning foams or lotions and now made this awesome gift and gave me St. Moriz 1-2-3h self tanning foam. I am very happy about it and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to work with amazing companies.

The package came with 1-2-3h tanning foam and with a special applying glove. This glove should not leave any strikes and the result should be even and nice. St. Moriz 1-2-3h foam gives you the opportunity to choose how dark you want the result to be. It’s the setting time (1-3 hours) and after that you’ll just rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Before you can use the product, you should take a shower and also scrub your whole body, because it removes dead skin and the result can be more even. After the shower it is wise to moisture your body with oil free lotion. I skipped this lotion part and I can say that it was quite hard to apply the product evenly. Remember – DO NO SKIP LOTION!

This part is quite simple. Just shake the bottle and spray a little bit of the foam to the glove and rub it in with circular movements. The product itself is really dark and the whiter or dryer the skin, the harder it is to apply it evenly. I was actually really struggling with this step because of the dry skin.

Right now, when I look at my skin, it’s nice and tanned, but I think I have to use this product more so that I can learn to apply it better. I have few darker spots, but nothing to be ashamed for. The product didn’t smell weird at all which is a great plus for me and it’s a great solution when you don’t want to use solarium. Overall – I like it!

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