Good morning guys! Friday is always a good day and why not share this happy news with all of You. Before Valentine’s Day there was a giveaway on Sportland Eesti Instagram page. All You had to do was tag Your best workout buddy and that’s it. So my good friend J. tagged me and I was like.. okay another giveaway..



Good morning!

As You can see I am serious about getting myself in shape. It’s hard for me to give up the unhealthy food but at least I am at the gym as much as I can. Few weeks back



Hi friends! Today I am going to write about working out. In my earlier life I really haven’t been friends with sports. At school I avoided sports as mush as I could. I just didn’t like it or I was lazy. Standing in front of the mirror and looking at myself was very hard. At that time I weighed about 73-74 kg and it was just too much. The biggest problem for me was buying clothes, especially pants. Because I have an apple-shaped body the pants fit from legs perfectly but when I try to close the button it is almost impossible and when the pants fit from the belly then the leg part is so wide. Every single time I needed to go shopping I felt hopeless and sad. I always thought that stores are full on beautiful clothes and nothing ever fits me. I wished I was skinny…